Summer is here, is your AC unit ready for the heat?

With the arrival of the dusty climate, we know that the summer is ready to give us some high temperatures. Just like its important for our bodies to increase our water intake and to avoid the sun as much as possible, there are steps that is recommended for the air conditioning unit. This is to ensure the perfect functioning of HVAC systems. Some steps are as follows:

  • unit washing will clean the units from all the dust collected over time
  • filter cleaning will improve the air quality and reduce the load on the unit
  • checking for gas leaks to ensure the best performance
  • having the ducts cleaned will ensure high air quality and better air flow
  • checking thermostat functionality
  • running a complete preventive maintenance for the unit

Following these steps will help the air conditioning unit to function at it's best capacity to get through the extreme heat and increase the life of the unit.

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